A selection of our client work, and internal experiments.

Center of Contemporary Technology and Development

The Center is located in the down town of Sofia and it is characterized with very convenient access by public transport.

The building has the shape of a sphere – a form that lets it easily to insert into the surrounding environment and is inherent to the idea of contemporary technology and world globalization as a result of their development.  The Center is with modern and provocative vision that impresses the visitors and is sets up the building with potential to be a symbol of the capitol.

Entering the center, the visitor is welcomed by a wide lobby settled under aqueous mirror. There starts a circle ramp that goes on the periphery of the sphere leading to the green roof under the glass packing.  That ramp provides a continuous pedestrian walk and connection with every level.

The construction is defined by the forces that come into a spiral curve. It has been designed with space system of steel profiles and tie beams that leads the forces into the base.

The whole sphere is covered with curtain wall of glass panels with different transparency and reflection that makes the building attractive nighttime.  The interior solution is appropriate for exposition center and does not distract the visitor.