A selection of our client work, and internal experiments.

Museum of The Bulgarian national music and dance art


The main idea used in the design of the museum is to remind us about the union between music and dancing and their universal sense. Music is sound motions created to affect us in a certain way. The architecture forms in the design of the museum are projected to move rhythmically, balanced, even abstractedly so that they create an impartible interior and exterior. The design wants to take the visitors away from their ordinary day and prepare them to meet art. The goal is to create an exterior silhouette that would rise people’s curiosity and generate a desire to make them part of this art. Entering the museum, the interior space should affect the visitors and leave the music and dance guide them through the exposition.

The museum is situated in the down town of Sofia on “Shipchenski prohod” avenue in the close proximity of “Universiada” sport hall. The plot is now a no-cared lawn. The idea is to make this place one of the favourite to the people of Sofia. A plaza is projected in front of the building  and there are new alleys in the park zone between the museum and the sport hall.